Read About
Tibets Struggle Against
Communist Chinas Genocide in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet
Heinrich Harrer
Rupert-Hart Davis
London 1953

Return to Tibet
Heinrich Harrer
Schocken Book
New York 1985

Lost Lhasa-Heinrich Harrers Tibet
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
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Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year
Hugh Richardson
Serindara Publications
London 1993

The Autobiography of a Tibet Monk
Palden Gyatso
Grove Press, New York 1997

National Geographic Magazine
Vol. CVIII #1, pages 1-48
July 1955
My Life in Lhasa-Heinrich Harrer

National Geographic Magazine
Vol. XC #2, pages 169-222
August 1946
Across Tibet from India to China-Ilia Tolstoy

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Wind between the Worlds (Tibet)

Robert Ford
David McKay Co. Inc.
New York 1957
The Dragon in the Land of Snows-A
History of Modern Tibet Since 1947

Tsering Shakya
Columbia University Press
New York 1999

Orphans of the Cold War-America & the Tibet Struggle for Survival
John Kenneth Kraus
Public Affairs, N.Y., 1999

Out of this World Across the Himalayas to Forbidden Tibet
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Greystone Press, N.Y., 1950

The Silent War in Tibet
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Garden City, New York
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Tibet is My Country
as told to Heinrich Harrer
Readers Union, Rupert Hart-Davis
London 1961

The Indian Year Book of International Affairs, 1959
Vol. VIII, pages 440-451
Appendix-Legal Comment on Tibet, K.P. Krishna Shetty